Woman’s realistic Bunnings sausage sandwich cake goes viral on TikTok







At first glance it looks like just a normal snag you would pick up from the hardware store – but one detail is blowing people’s minds.

As every Aussie knows, there’s no finer local delicacy than a Bunnings snag.

But one woman’s twist on the iconic Aussie meal is giving the hardware store classic a serious run for its money after her video of it went viral on TikTok.

Tigga Maccormack is a cake artist from Melbourne who has more than 510,000 followers on TikTok where she shares videos of her elaborate dessert designs.

In a video posted last week, which has been viewed 1.4 million times, Tigga created a sweet version of the “iconic” Bunnings snag that had viewers doing a double take.

To create the ‘bread’, Tigga revealed she had baked a square vanilla buttercream sponge and had “taken it straight out of the oven while it was still hot”.

She positioned glasses and spatulas on different sides of the cake to give it the indent and shape of bread.

“I then sliced off the crust and sliced it in half, then you’ve got two pieces of bread – but it’s cake,” Tigga said.

Next came the all-important filling, with Tigga getting a piece of chocolate mud cake which she “kind of squished and rolled into a sausage”.

“Then I got some brown fondant and I put my ‘sausage’ in the fondant and rolled it up, smoothed it all out,” she said.

“Then I got my little baby torch and I torched the crap out of it.”

Next came the toppings – because what’s a snag without some sauce and fried onions?

“Once my snag was done I put it on the cake bread and we actually fried some apple in sugar for our onions,” Tigga said.

To top it off she added ‘tomato sauce’, aka red buttercream icing which was drizzled from an old tomato sauce bottle.

The video got more than 1500 comments, many from people who couldn’t quite believe the cake wasn’t really a Bunnings snag.

“But why does it look so real?” one person wrote. “I swear my brain wouldn’t be able to let me eat it. It would be so confused.”

“That’s genius,” another commented.

But others seemed concerned that Tigga’s ‘onions’ weren’t the Bunnings safety standard.

In 2018 the hardware store introduced a rule that onions had to go underneath the sausage to avoid them falling out of the bread and being slipped on by customers.

“Onions on the BOTTOM. Have the Bunnings accidents taught you nothing,” one person joked.

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