Viral TikTok shows moment mum’s baby farts during Zoom call







A mortifying mishap was on full blast during a video call when a mum thought she was on mute, leaving some to ask if it was even “real”.

It’s 18 months into the pandemic and by now many of us have experienced the excruciating awkwardness that comes with forgetting to put your microphone on mute during a virtual meeting.

Plenty of awkward moments have gone viral – from a woman who broadcast her toilet break during a school meeting to a lawyer who was caught having sex during a legal hearing.

But this one from US influencer Abbie Herbert has to be one of the funniest Zoom slip-ups we’ve seen.

In a clip posted to TikTok, Abbie was filming herself and daughter Poppy while on a video call.

“I was recording her because she was being so cute and we had our camera off and thought we were muted too,” she wrote in the video’s comments.

The little girl bobs innocently in her mum’s arms before, without warning, letting out an impressively loud fart, causing Abbie to cringe in shock.

The moment would be hilarious enough if it had just been recorded, but it soon turns out other people on the call had heard what had happened.

“Was that real?” one male caller asks in shock.

“I forgot to mute in our important Zoom meeting,” Abbie captioned the video, adding in the comments that “now everyone thinks I pooped my pants on our Zoom”.

The hilarious video has had over 11 million views, as well as nearly 2000 comments from parents who could definitely relate.

“I wouldn’t have believed you that it was your kid until I had my own three weeks ago … it does sound like that,” one mum wrote.

“My son did that too,” another person commented.

Others simply empathised with the fact that people would be convinced it was Abbie, not Poppy, who was responsible for the fart.

“Oh my gosh if your camera is off then they are going to think it’s you,” one person said.

“That’s what you get for having your camera off,” another joked.


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