Victoria’s magnitude 6.0 earthquake felt in NSW, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia







The shock magnitude 6.0 earthquake that struck Victoria this morning was felt hundreds of kilometres away, stretching as far as Sydney.

The impact of the magnitude 6.0 earthquake which struck Victoria this morning was reportedly felt hundreds of kilometres away, across multiple states.

The epicentre of the quake was at Mansfield, located around 130km northeast of Melbourne, with social media photographs revealing damage to buildings in the Victorian capital.

It struck this morning at about 9.15am, at a depth of about 10km.

According to Geoscience Australia, it was followed by a second, magnitude 4 quake at a depth of 12km at 9.33am, followed by a third magnitude 3.1 at 6km at 9.54am.

The government’s Geoscience Australia website revealed tremors from the quake were felt right across Victoria and into the ACT, NSW, Tasmania, South Australia and even Queensland.

While the first quake was relatively shallow at 10km deep, Sky News’ Alison Osborne revealed on Twitter that actually meant the impact was far greater than a deeper quake would have been.

“This was a SHALLOW earthquake some 10km deep,” she posted.

“Shallow earthquakes shake with more energy than deep earthquakes as the source of the quake is closer to the surface.

“Hence it could be felt in Launceston and Canberra.”

Victoria’s SES announced there had been “widespread felt reports” across the state, although there was no threat of a tsunami, while social media has been flooded with people from across the country reporting their own experiences with the quake.

A Melbourne resident told they had felt the quake “big time”, and that it had initially caused the “whole house” to shake, with windowpanes rattling for some time after the initial hit.

Victoria’s State Emergency Services said anyone with building damage or who needs assistance should call 132 500 and wait as lines may be busy.

Seismology Research Centre head Adam Pascale told ABC Gippsland there could be aftershocks coming.

“It shook here in the northern suburbs of Melbourne for about 15-20 seconds so it’s quite a significant earthquake,” Mr Pascale said.

“There is a small likelihood that there could be a larger event but we’ll see as we go.

“The aftershocks are likely already occurring. You’d expect them to start straight away.

“You’d expect the aftershocks would continue for months at least.”

New Zealand’s earthquake monitor GeoNet posted on Twitter this morning, claiming the quake was “the largest on land earthquake in Australia since 1997”.

“Earthquakes in Australia are reasonably uncommon, being far from the active tectonic zones of the Australian plate (like the one we live on!)” the post reads.


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