Skye Wheatley apologises for ‘triggering’ sex joke







A Gold Coast influencer has apologised for her “poor choice of phrasing” after making a shocking remark about her sex life.

A Gold Coast influencer has apologised for her “poor choice of phrasing” after joking that she “won’t take no for an answer” if she wants to have sex with her boyfriend.

Skye Wheatley rose to fame after appearing on the 2014 season of Big Brother.

She’s since gone on to become a successful influencer and YouTuber, with more than a million followers across her social media platforms.

Skye also shares two sons, Forest and Bear, with her longtime boyfriend Lachlan Waugh.

Earlier this week Skye took part in a question-and-answer session on her Instagram which saw her respond to a follower who asked: “What is more dominant in bed?”

In response Skye wrote: “Hahahahahahhahahahhahahaa me … but only when he mad and says he doesn’t wonna have sex (sic.)”

She added that “ain’t no body telling me no … I won’t take no for an answer if I want sessi time (sic).”

Skye also added a poll asking her followers if they “can relate”, with the choice of response “100 per cent” or “I feel rejected”.

Skye’s response was soon screenshot and circulated online, with feminist and author Clementine Ford among those to call out her “harmful” comments.

“One of the terrible legacies of the patriarchy is the belief that men can’t be subjected to sexual assault or coercion when the perpetrator is a woman,” Ford wrote on Instagram.

Others labelled Skye’s comments “disgusting” and “f**ked” on Twitter.

“So rape? How does Skye Wheatley still have a platform with the disgusting things she posts? this makes me sick,” one person tweeted.

Skye ‘deeply sorry’ for ‘triggering’ remarks

Skye has since issued an apology on Instagram over her comments, labelling them a “poor choice of phrasing”.

The mum-of-two said that she and Lachlan have a “healthy balanced sexual life” and “practise consensual sex”.

“I have never been in a situation with Lachlan where he hasn’t done anything he hasn’t wanted to do sexually or vice versa,” Skye wrote.

“I have never put any man or woman in a position where I have manipulated them into having sex with me.”

Skye said she was “ashamed” of the remarks and wanted to be “less impulsive and more thoughtful when posting”.

“I understand my words were extremely insensitive and triggering and I am truly deeply sorry for that,” she said. has also contacted Skye for comment.


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