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A Queensland woman said she was left “shocked” after discovering an unauthorised sticker on a lamb roast.

A Queensland woman said she was left “shocked” after discovering a never-before-seen “warning” label on the packaging of a Woolworths item.

In a Facebook post shared to the official Woolies page, the customer explained how she was shopping at her local store when she found the unauthorised label on the product.

“Needless to say I was shocked to see this sticker on the back of this roast … pretty sure it’s not part of your Q & A processes,” the woman wrote, alongside two images of the product.

The label read: “Warning this package contains the decomposing corpse of a murdered animal”.

News.com.au can confirm it was an isolated incident and understands the store team in question checked other products and couldn’t find anything similar.

Facebook users were quick to respond to the Queensland woman’s discovery, blaming vegan activists for the stunt.

“It looks like the stickers angry vegans use,” one person wrote.

“Good old vegans educating us, who’d have thunk that it contains actual baa lambs,” said another.

The warning sticker, which appears to have been purchased from an ‘activist sticker’ website, left some customers furious, with one demanding, “People who do this should be banned from the store”.

“If I ever saw one of these stickers. I would want to buy the meat product even more,” another added.

However, some commented that the sticker was “pretty factual”.

“If it’s that that turns your stomach, maybe think twice at what you’re willing to put in your mouth,” one person wrote, while another said: “Well … it’s not wrong.”

It’s not the first time something like this has happened.

In 2019, shoppers at a Woolies in Melbourne’s St Helena discovered stickers were slapped over packets of Primo thinly sliced chicken and other meat/dairy products.

The stickers read: “Warning this package contains the dead body of someone who wanted to live”.

Over the past few years, vegan groups have staged protests against the sale of meat at supermarkets.

In one video, protesters were captured forming a human barricade in front of the meat section at Hamilton Countdown, a New Zealand supermarket, before slowly leaving the store and chanting “give life a chance.”

More recently, notorious vegan activist Tash Peterson was kicked out of a KFC store after she stormed the venue smattered in fake blood, demanding the “end of the animal holocaust”.

She challenged others to stop eating meat and using animal products during the social media fuelled stunt.

Late last year she was also banned from Perth’s Optus stadium after running on the field in protest.

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