Mum reveals bedroom cleaning hack using $6 Woolworths rubbing alcohol







An Aussie mum known for her clever home hacks has revealed the Woolies item behind fixing a common problem with bed sheets.

An Aussie mum known for her clever home hacks has shared a handy and affordable way to get rid of wrinkles on bed sheets.

Carolina McCauley, from Perth, who has clocked 7.2 million ‘likes’ on her TikTok videos, revealed the best way to fix the common bedroom problem is by combining three things – water, fabric softener and the hero ingredient, rubbing alcohol.

“Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol. You can find it in the health and beauty or first aid aisle,” she said in the clip as she demonstrated how to use her DIY spray.

Carolina said she uses Isocol, which can be purchased from Woolies stores for $6.

The versatile household item is made up of 64 per cent isopropyl alcohol and, according to its description, is safe on the skin.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 212,000 times, Carolina sprays the combined ingredients on her wrinkled linen bed sheets to help smooth them out.

“Rubbing alcohol is a great deodoriser for beds and couches,” she says.

She also uses isopropyl alcohol to clean and polish stainless steel kitchen gadgets, demonstrating on her toaster and coffee machine.

There are plenty of ways you can use the ingredient. According to Healthline, it can also be used to clean blinds, remove pesky marker stains, deodorise shoes and even clean jewellery.

However, as it is highly flammable, the site warns it should never be used near an open flame or high heat.

TikTok users have since bombarded Carolina’s handy video, claiming they too have been using rubbing alcohol in their daily cleaning for years.

“I use alcohol for all kinds of cleaning. Best window and mirror cleaner ever! And I love the smell,” one person commented.

“OK genius,” another wrote.

Others warned against using fabric softener on beds and sofas saying it can contribute to rashes, asthma and allergy issues.

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