Geelong childcare centre’s free take-home meals stun US







A Geelong mum has gone viral after she shared her daughter’s daycare centre’s generous act – leaving TikTok users from the US gobsmacked

An Aussie mum has left overseas parents gobsmacked after she revealed the generous act by her daughter’s day care centre.

Amber Paul has clocked millions of views on TikTok showing off the meals she would receive when picking up her little girl Aria from a childcare facility in Geelong, Victoria.

“I just picked her up and they give you a meal to take home for dinner, so they have given us roast chicken and vegetables,” Amber said in her very first post.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 1.4 million times, left TikTok users in the US stunned with many asking Amber to record “a series” and to answer the “thousands of questions” they had.

“Umm I’m sorry what in the what? Please explain! That’s incredible (obviously I’m from the US),” one follower wrote.

“I’m sorry what? You get dinner? Where is his daycare I’m moving,” said another, to which Amber responded: “Yes they give us dinner to take home. It’s in Geelong. Victoria. It’s so amazing!”

After getting bombarded with messages following her viral video, the Aussie mum decided to record another to answer some of the most common questions she was getting asked.

“I’ve had thousands of questions on my viral TikTok video about my daughter’s daycare sending home food for the parents so I thought I’d answer them on here,” she begins the video.

“Firstly, we pay $A60 per day to send her and yes the meals are sent home with her every single day.”

Amber said the meals, which include roast chicken and vegetables, creamy chicken soup and pasta bake, are four adult portions.

“So we eat two for dinner and take two to work for lunch the next day.”

“We do have to order a week in advance because not all parents want this service even though it is no additional cost.

“And finally, it’s not the educators who do the cooking. It is the chefs.”

Amber told viewers the daycare has a commercial kitchen, and they spend the whole day cooking for the 120 children.

“Breakfast, lunch, all the snacks and also the take home meals for parents,” she said.

Following the huge response and demand for more videos, Amber has gone on to create a “series” where she reveals the different packed foods she receives — and it continues to leave US parents baffled.

“What? This would never happen in the US. You are so lucky,” one person wrote.

“America be like ‘here’s a cup of Goldfish (snack) filled with red dye to make your child hyperactive and sick.’ That’ll be 2k a month!” another joked.

“I pay $160 a day and ours doesn’t do this. They do have a chef that cooks for the kids though,” another noted.

The day care’s act also left some Aussies baffled, with one saying “This is not normal in Australia lol”.

“I was a centre cook at a centre in NSW and I would keep all leftovers and send (them) home with families who might be struggling,” one man wrote, while others were shocked at the day care’s fee.

“Wow, Everyone I know pays $90 to $120.”

Amber has since clocked a total of half a million likes on her TikTok videos.


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