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Divine compere is a businessman. He is 26 years old and he was born in Miami Florida. His nick name is Div, his father name is Shakim compere ( co- owner of flavor unit Entertainment with Latifah ). this company was founded in 1995.  His father is a famous and well known businessman and he signed a big contract in 2013 with Netflix. His girlfriend name is Elain park. Only a short introduction of divine is present on Internet, his background was not discussed in detail.

Who is Elaine park?

Elaine park was the girlfriend of divine compere. She was born on September 24, 1996. Her parents got divorce and she lived with her mother. Her mother name is Susan park. She was  very famous among her fans. But one day, she disappeared suddenly. She was a great actress, inspiration for many youngsters and  played role in simple TV shows and in movies also. When she got missed she was 20 years old.

She went missed on January 28, 2017. But no news had been received yet that what was happened with her. Her height was almost 5 feet and 5 inches. She had straight and long brown hairs. And color of her eyes was also brown. Her family tried a lot to find her, but they get no information about her yet. The night she disappeared that night she was with her boyfriend (divine compere ). So everyone thought divine was behind her disappearance but that was not the reality.

How Elaine disappeared:

Divine described everything that what really happened that night. He told that on January 27, 2017 they planned to see a movie at 10:00 at night and before leaving by an Uber elan text her mother that she was going  with his boyfriend to see a movie at ten o’clock at night. He told that they returned at almost 1:00 o’clock then Elan stayed at divine’s house. And around 4:00am  elan got a panic attack and started behaving odd. Divine told that he tried to calm down her she was not understanding anything. She left divine’s house at almost 6:05 and drove away.

Divine compere and Elaine’s mother sent too much messages to her  but she did not reply them. Elaine’s mother became very upset and she went to the police for help. But police said that “she is not a child when her anger subsides she will come home by herself” but it did not happen, nothing is known about Elaine yet.

Accuse of making Elaine park disappeared:

Everyone said that divine compere was behind the kidnapping of elaine park, but this was not the case. He was innocent but no one was believing him. Because of the circumstances at that time, it seemed that Divine was responsible. But no one knew the real reason behind her disappearing everyone was just guessing that what would happen.

Divine’s effort to find her:

He tried a lot and totally cooperate with the police to find Elaine. But no news was found about elaine only that car was found in which she left divine’s house. The car was found at a distance of almost 45 minutes from divine’s house.

Divine on Facebook:

Divine  post on fb “help find elaine park”. He asked his friends to help him in finding her. Susan park has fixed a prize of $40,000 for the person who will find Elaine park.

Salary of divine compere:

According to an estimate total salary of divine compere is almost $4,00,000 per year and almost $32,000 per month. However, if you want to know his weekly income then its almost $8000. And he almost earns $1140 per day.

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Divine compere’s girlfriend Elaine Park lost

Divine compere is a businessman. He is 26 years old and he was born in Miami Florida. His nick name is Div, his father...

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