Australian reporter Sarah Williamson to work for Newsmax in New York







An Aussie reporter and model who has slammed the country’s lockdown restrictions has revealed her next career move in New York.

An Australian reporter who has been vocal in slamming the country’s lockdown restrictions is taking up a new role at right-wing US network Newsmax.

Sarah Williamson, 31, has been living and working in Israel for news channel i24 for the past four years.

She was reportedly dubbed the “world’s most beautiful news anchor” while covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during her time at Tel Aviv-based network.

However, the young reporter will be heading to New York to take up her new role as an anchor for the conservative American cable news channel, which is popular with former President Donald Trump.

“In three weeks time this incredible, life-changing chapter comes to a close and oh my, is it bittersweet,” she said in an Instagram post on Thursday.

“I’m not quite ready to pay homage to this city and the beautiful people that I have met along the way, but that will come in a later post.”

After sharing the news with her thousands of followers, Sarah took to her Instagram stories to clarify she is “not moving back to Australia”.

“Woke up to a bajillion messages asking why I am leaving or if I am going back to Australia,” she wrote.

“No, I am not moving back to Australia. I am moving to New York. I am going to work for a US network, Newsmax, as a reporter/anchor.

“And just to be clear, I am really f***ing excited! Like really!!!!! I honestly can’t wait for this new chapter.”

Newsmax is known for its right-wing perspective and has gained popularity in recent years due to its unwavering support of Mr Trump.

Williamson has previously made her stance on Australia’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic very clear — even going as far as saying she is “not proud to be an Australian”, in an Instagram post last month.

She slammed the country’s lockdowns saying “brainwashed” Aussies were “living in a totalitarian society”.

“I never thought I would say this … I’m not proud to be Australian at the moment, considering the mindset of the government and the majority of the people living inside the country. I’m sorry,” she wrote.

“I’m well aware I’m about to receive a barrage of abuse by brainwashed Aussies. I’m sorry you feel this way. I’m sorry you live in a totalitarian society.”

According to Williamson’s bio on i24, she joined the network in 2017 working as the host of Israel Business Weekly, a correspondent, news anchor and senior producer.

The 31-year-old also works as a model in her spare time having appeared in a major campaign for an Israeli footwear brand.

Williamson will head to New York next month to take up her new role an anchor for Newsmax.


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