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It’s one of the most recognisable fast food signs – and now two Adelaide guys think they’ve uncovered a massive secret about it.

It’s as iconic as Macca’s golden arches or Domino’s red and blue logo – but have you ever given much thought to the KFC bucket sign?

The light-up sign, built to resemble Colonel Saunders’ famous bucket of fried chicken, is a familiar sight outside KFCs around the country.

But it’s now sparked an investigation of sorts from two Adelaide blokes that’s seriously divided people on TikTok.

Lloydy and Checkers run TikTok account @marmalade_aus and took it upon themselves to find out whether KFC’s sign is actually a bucket.

To do this the pair took it in turns trying to land a footy inside the sign.

After a few goes one of them managed to kick the ball inside the sign – prompting them to declare it “actually is” a bucket and the “myth busted”.

The video has since been viewed more than 2.5 million times – but not everyone is convinced it offers ‘proof’ the KFC sign is actually a bucket.

“It’s not empty because what if it rains,” one person argued.

“Think about it for a sec and what happens when it rains,” another countered.

Others argued it was just as likely the bucket was “closed off” and the ball was “sitting on the top”.

But despite the valid points being made about the bucket sign, some were still determined to keep the t dream alive.

@marmalade_aus countered claims a bucket sign couldn’t withstand rain by arguing that the pole “could be a drain”, while others called for video footage.

“Fly a drone above the bucket we need to see what it looks like inside,” one person requested.

One person claimed they had inside knowledge of the bucket sign, commenting: “I built them when I was in NZ.

“They are empty except for the struts and lighting etc … drainage holes are in the bottom.” was also curious so decided to go straight to the source – only to get a rather cryptic answer.

“Let’s just say that the Colonel has more than 11 secrets hidden up his sleeve, so who’s to know what’s in (or not in) the giant buckets outside some of our restaurants,” a KFC spokesperson said.

“Either way, it’s another secret we’ll be holding onto a little longer.”

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