Aldi’s ceramic non-stick cookware Special Buys spark shopper frenzy







Customers have been told to “run to Aldi” to get their hands on the Special Buys product after it sparked a frenzy in stores.

Buying pots and pans can be one most important kitchen purchases you make.

Which is why it’s perhaps unsurprising that a range of ceramic non-stick cookware has attracted a cult following after they hit selected Aldi stores as part of its Special Buys last Wednesday.

The supermarket is selling a range of saucepans, a casserole dish, fry pans and griddle that come in pastel blue, pink or grey – and the most expensive item is only $20.

Unfortunately the range is only available in some Aldi supermarkets for now, with delays in getting stock into stores in NSW and ACT as well as selected Victoria and Queensland stores.

It’s unclear when the pots and pans will hit stores impacted by delays, with contacting Aldi for more information.

One shopper, Georgia Collins, shared on TikTok how she was able to pick up a range of the pots and pans in pink for under $90.

“Run to Aldi. These came out today and I’m obsessed,” she captioned the video, which has been viewed on TikTok more than 187,000 times.

Her video got more than 700 comments from shoppers keen to get their hands on their range, with one person saying they were “throwing out all my pots and pans for this” and “need this”.

Others said they were devastated that the range hadn’t hit their local Aldi yet.

“ACT didn’t get any,” one shopper lamented. “I had three people line up at different Aldis before opening to get them. I’m heartbroken.”

“I work at Aldi and these were way more popular than I expected,” another said.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on the range took to Instagram to show off their purchase, with account @aldiloversau posting photos of those who had managed to pick up some of the in-demand pans.

Aldi has quite the reputation for its Special Buys cookware: Its other pots and pans have created similar frenzies in the past.

The supermarket’s Crofton cast iron range has been likened to pricey cookware brand Le Creuset, which costs hundreds of dollars per item.

But sometimes demand for Aldi’s pots and pans has turned ugly.

Scenes at one western Sydney supermarket in May were labelled “disgusting” after shoppers were filmed crowding aisles while trying to get their hands on Aldi’s cast aluminium pots and pans.


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